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Check out my friend Jamie Blackwater's   (Free) Runes of Odin  2 spreads to choose from :  Traditional Runes of Odin  Circle Spread Runes
Jamie Blackwater is an internationally known Artist and Hereditary Magical Practitioner. Born in Sheffield, Yorkshire in 1961 his spiritual home is the Derbyshire Peak District. He has taught numerous workshops and courses around the Globe covering all aspects of Magical Craft with his usual emphasis on "The bare bones of Magic", The Craft pared down to its most practical essentials and "Indigenous Spirit of Place", the importance the local energies and entities in Magical working. He likes stone, having done rock climbing, stone carving, raising stone circles and currently using Rune stones regularly in his Craft. He now lives in what used to be Sherwood Forest. He is joint head of the Order of Gwyddon.