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On Monday mornings I begin a new Mind Mirror for the week ahead. I then update the drawing each day, finishing on Friday or Saturday.
 Here are some really great pod-casts to enhance your critical thinking
The Glastonbury tOracle
The Talking Labyrinth
The Runes of Odin
Ros Briagha’s Marseilles Tarot
Thank you for all your kind comments and encouragement over the years.
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Two new tracks by Dan Caine on sound cloud for your listening pleasure...
www.hooniverse.co.uk is a  wake up call journey through a  multiVerse of interesting  material to help you see more  of the reality around you, and  to awaken to your role in the  greater common-unity.
You’ll also be able to pass on  your tip’s & tricks on how you  navigate this reality with only  one eye open!  
Try my Talking Labyrinth
Mind the Gap!
'The Vertical Oracle' is (C) Antero & Sylvi Alli: Vertical Oracle cgi scripting written by Barry Hoon. (C) 2000 - 2014.  
Sorry, but there’s no Mind Mirror for this week  
I’m having a wee break.