Today's t'Oracle reading for Monday 29th June 2020

You are riding a wave that is both powerful and smooth.

You are eager and excited to get closure, and the universe is serving up exactly what you require to be content.

Lead by example and you will get the respect you seek.

Keep focused, be steady, optimistic and knowingly surprised.

Your ideas will get a good reception - so air them when you can.
This is a time when you will be tested.

Be strong and steadfast and you will succeed.

Look inside, for all your answers are waiting there.

Change is just around the corner, stay strong, it will soon be over.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Let your creative energies loose with passion and vigour - don't hold back!

True genius lies in thinking outside the box - think about different ways of doing mundane chores.

Follow your flights of fancy and see where they land.

Yes... feed your desires, but be careful you don't overstep the mark.

You will feel good, if you make those around you feel good.

How can you inspire others?

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