Today's t'Oracle reading for Wednesday 25th March 2020

You don't have to look too far to see that you're in charge.

Take on all challenges that come your way, safe in the knowledge that you can be anything.

Your past fears are gone, you can see what to do instantly.

Your confidence is NOT misplaced!

Have faith, it will be done.
Let your creative energies loose with passion and vigour - don't hold back!

True genius lies in thinking outside the box - think about different ways of doing mundane chores.

Follow your flights of fancy and see where they land.

Yes... feed your desires, but be careful you don't overstep the mark.

You will feel good, if you make those around you feel good.

How can you inspire others?

You have a wonderful open heart which is appreciated by those around you.

Gifts will be showered on you if you don't hold on to the "it's mine" principal.

Accept what is offered in the same unconditional way.

Celebrate the wonder of life inside yourself and you will heal the outside world.

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