Today's t'Oracle reading for Friday 22nd May 2020

Whatever you dream at this time, can manifest.

Can you see what will work in reality, and what will not?

If you understand the gift of inner vision, you can pull miracles in.

Show the universe what you want in picture form.

Create a small private ceremony (even if it's just in your head) and state your wishes.

It will be done.
If you've put in the hard work, go pick up your cheque.

Otherwise, think about what you have to offer and weigh it up against what the competition can do.

Can you compete? Be creative, think outside the box and remember, nothing comes to those who don't put in enough effort.

Are you holding yourself back?
Are you too tightly wrapped?

Are your boundaries helping or hindering your progress.

A barrier works both ways - it stops things getting in, but it also stops you getting out!

You have to pursue your goals no matter what hurdles you may have to cross.

Let your "In-tuition" be your guide - look inside, all the answers are there.

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