Today's t'Oracle reading for Saturday 17th October 2020

Create a small private ceremony (even if it's just in your own head) where you can give thanks for all the loves in your life.

Friendships, family and groups all benefit from your participation.

Happiness and opportunities are coming your way, rejoice!

Let your inner child out and celebrate life to the fullest.
You can now see things for what they are and not what they seem to be.

Wisdom is hard won and easily lost. So speak up.

If you see something is wrong then speak up.

The service you provide makes you indispensible in the tiny universe you delight in.

Pass advice offered through your scales of perception, then act on it - either way.
Look around and you'll see the support you've got.

You should feel appreciated and cherished for what you have to offer.

Your strength comes from inside and gives you a steadfastness that cannot be equalled.

So give thanks for being able to offer and receive the love and respect you need.

When all around you are crumbling, you will stand tall and straight.

Thank you for consulting the t'Oracle
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