Today's t'Oracle reading for Tuesday 15th September 2020

Think about what you really want out of life - this is not a rehearsal.

It's simple - think positive, and positive things will come your way.

You can create whatever you want, just by dreaming about it, so be careful.

The way ahead is clear, if you are clear in thought.

Remember - garbage in - garbage out.

Tie up any loose ends in your life - let the bad stuff go, and be open to new ideas.

Let your creative energies loose with passion and vigour - don't hold back!

True genius lies in thinking outside the box - think about different ways of doing mundane chores.

Follow your flights of fancy and see where they land.

Yes... feed your desires, but be careful you don't overstep the mark.

You will feel good, if you make those around you feel good.

How can you inspire others?

If you've put in the hard work, go pick up your cheque.

Otherwise, think about what you have to offer and weigh it up against what the competition can do.

Can you compete? Be creative, think outside the box and remember, nothing comes to those who don't put in enough effort.

Are you holding yourself back?

Thank you for consulting the t'Oracle
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