Today's t'Oracle reading for Thursday 13th February 2020

You can handle anything that's thrown at you right now.

You laugh in the face of adversity.

You feel healthy and alive and ready to take on any challenge.

Be creative - develop those ideas you never got round to doing.

If you need help, it will be there - so relax.

This is a time to make decisions, that you can stick with. Look inside - you have the strength to achieve anything you want at this time.
You can achieve anything you set your mind to at this time.

Set a goal and stride towards it.

Accept help when offered.

Stay focused.

You are on the verge of spectacular success.

You've won - you just don't know it yet.

Because you set clear goals and you stayed focused, everything fell into place.


The clue is in staying focused and finding your inner strength.

Try it.

Thank you for consulting the t'Oracle
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