Today's t'Oracle reading for Saturday 10th October 2020

You know that feeling you've been getting that something is not right?

It's time to say what you mean, and mean what you say.

Your truth is important and should be aired!

Look inside and you will find the answers.

Freedom is just around the corner, if you act now.
Relax, it's time to recharge those batteries before you burn out.

Look at your achievements and be selective as to where you put your trust.

Stand back from the needy people who take your energy without thought to the consequences of their selfish actions.

Take time out for yourself - look inside and then justify your actions.

Simple breathing exercises can restore your equilibrium. Bless you.
Are you a master of the material world, or a slave to it?

Stay focused and stick to the plan - don't waver!

Look inside for the sacred knowledge of ideas and innovation.

Do it your way, and let us see you shine.

Believe in yourself and your ideas will come true

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