Welcome to a new, unique Divination Tool
created by Barry Hoon
(the Glastonbury Tarot Webmaster)

The Glastonbury t'Oracle is much more than a simple card reading...

It offers you an insightful 3 in 1 reading, which can give you the answers
you need - not just during the reading, but afterwards as well...
Here's what the Glastonbury t'Oracle gives you...

(1) You will receive a Traditional Celtic Cross text reading
- especially written by Barry Hoon.

(2) You will find a special Colour Chart based on the cards you choose,
showing you the aspects of your life that need some attention.

(3) In addition, you will receive a Quantum Mind Mirror
- a unique drawing which you can print out at the end, to take away and study.

This will give you rare insights and creative solutions
to your problems for many weeks to come!

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Here's what your reading will look like

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